Rainbow Six Siege Is Testing a New "Toxic Behavior" Reporting Option

A new reporting function is being tested in Rainbow Six Siege that’ll give players an option to [...]

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A new reporting function is being tested in Rainbow Six Siege that'll give players an option to help bring action against problematic players.

The report option looks to tackle what it refers to as "toxic behavior," a problem that players across any game would be familiar with. Justin Kruger, the community developer for Rainbow Six Siege, tweeted out a screenshot of the new reporting option that's currently being tested within the technical test servers.

"Toxic Behavior" as the report option calls it is one catch-all terms that could mean quite a few different things. It's a problem that needs little introduction and can be explained in plenty of different ways, but you know it when you see it, and Rainbow Six Siege players will soon have a way to handle it.

But while these report features give players a way to do something about the toxic behavior and clean up the Rainbow Six Siege community, they also have room for abuse. Because calling someone toxic is a phrase that's thrown around so often lately in games, anything that someone does that a player finds even slightly disagreeable could justify a toxic behavior report in some players' minds. Thankfully, Ubisoft isn't planning on letting the feature be hijacked by other players. Kruger confirmed that players won't be automatically penalized simply because a disgruntled player felt the need to lash out.

The community developer elaborated on the tweet by explaining that they'll only be doling out punishments for players based on proof. Chat logs, videos, screenshots, and other forms of proof are some of the areas that they'll be looking at to verify if a player is being toxic or not.

If you think you might be one of those players who would deservedly be on the receiving end of a toxic report, Kruger points out that it might be a swell time to review the code of conduct. The report feature isn't live for everyone just yet, but look for more info on it soon before it's fully available.