Rainbow Six Siege's Popular Stat Tracking Website Shuts Down

The Rainbow Six Siege fanbase has been getting lots of good news in recent weeks with a new season [...]

The Rainbow Six Siege fanbase has been getting lots of good news in recent weeks with a new season just around the corner. From incredible reworks, to new operators, there's a lot to look forward to in the coming months. Unfortunately with the good news comes some bad, especially for some of the more hardcore players out there. One of the most helpful sites that helps players track their stats is being shut down ... permanently.

R6DB was a hub for many players that let players who were really serious about their game (or those that were simply curious) track their stats and progress. Unfortunately, the crew has announced that their helpful site will be shutting down for good on August 20th. The team tried to keep the site up and running, but it's been an uphill battle with the revamped standards in place of GDPR, the European data regulation put forth earlier this Summer. If you weren't aware of it by name, you might remember it from the influx of emails of "We're letting you know we've changed our standards," yada yada yada.

The new regulations were very strict and changed a lot of perimeters for sites such as this. Our friends over at PCGamer broke it down nicely as to what some of those standards pertain to:

  • Personal info accessibility
  • "The right to be forgotten"
  • The ability to store info for no real reason (companies)

For many bigger corporations, it was easy to tailor to these standards but for small projects and websites, it was a game changer - and not for the best. The team gave a pretty blatant breakdown as to why they are shutting down, as well as a thank you and what's next. According to their post on Medium:

"When we first made R6DB everything was much simpler. Server costs were mere pocket money, didn't have to do much customer support and time needed for system maintenance were non-existent. With increased traffic and tracked player count the need for a beefier server arose, which we covered with ad revenue. Since the GDPR law came into place we've had to disable ads and have been paying the server costs from our own pockets. We would've also needed to create a company (with all the work that comes with it) since GDPR requires the "identity and the contact details of the controller" to be available to users. With added features the amount of support we've had to provide has also shot up (imagine a hurricane of "Why is this person on the leaderboard" emails / tweets paired with "Why am I not on the leaderboard"etc)."

It's unfortunate, but the reasoning is understandable. But at least they mentioned they aren't done with Rainbow Six Siege quite yet.