'Red Dead Redemption 2' Animals Are Out of Control

Red Dead

We've seen some pretty crazy stuff in Red Dead Redemption 2 through our time with it thus far, including these cinematic moments that have us scratching our heads over how these simple collisions happen. But now we've seen something maybe even crazier -- the animals within the world getting a little bit out of hand.

Twitter highlighted some of these clips recently, and they're bound to give you a chuckle -- if you can take a break for a moment from playing this immersive game, of course.

First off is this clip from audio engineer and video editor Anthony Zazzera, who decided to show off what happens when he attempts to help someone out. A woman manages to flag down Arthur Morgan to ask him something. But, before she can, one of the wildlife decide to take her out of the equation. You can see it below.

Also, there's a stark reminder that you probably shouldn't stand too close to a horse. A Twitter user by the name of ChampChong posted a clip where some poor fool got a taste of hoof when he least expected it. Yep, he's dead all right. (Or at least he wishes he was.)

Want another example of crazy horse action? Check out the below clip from Frenchie. This guy apparently pulls his horse over to check something, but before he can finish seeing what it is, he gets a faceful of hoof for himself. OUCH. Call the dentist. (Or a morgue attendee.)

But sometimes actions can pay off instead of hurting you. For instance, in the below clip from H20 Delirious, we see a debtor that tries to make a run for it on his horse. Before he can, however, your steed manages to lend a hand. (Er, hoof.) And it's hilarious.

And then, last but not least, we can't help but think this horse is drunk. I mean, it has to be. Taking a look at its behavior and how it's running around to the side and running over Arthur, something's going on with it. It's pretty hilarious.

And let's bring it on home with Axis, who delivers a clip where Arthur Morgan meets a deer head-on. Oof.


We'll be posting more of these clips as we find them. But, yeah, watch out for animals in the game. They are not messing around.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is available now for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Be sure to check out our full review!