New Red Dead Online Update Adds The Hardcore Series

The latest Red Dead Redemption 2 update from developer Rockstar Games has added a new and long-awaited mode to Red Dead Online on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia. As is typical for these updates, Rockstar Games has injected Red Dead Online with a variety of content. Unlike some weeks, this content is actually notable for the addition of a new mode to the online experience. More specifically, Red Dead Online players can now enjoy The Hardcore Series.

The Hardcore Series is exactly what it sounds like: a new mode that takes ability cards and consumables out of the game to provide a more authentic cowboy showdown experience. According to Rockstar Games, this mode is for expert gunslingers who are good on the trigger. For this week, Rockstar Games has added Hardcore variations of Spoils of War, Most Wanted, Hostile Territory, and Overrun. Meanwhile, in the coming weeks, different modes will get the Hardcore series treatment.

"No Ability Cards. No consumables. Just you, your opponent and your trigger," reads a description of the mode. "If you think you’re an expert gunslinger, the Hardcore Series is where you’ll meet your match. Keep an eye on the Featured Series tile for the occasional Hardcore Series in the weeks ahead. This week, jump into the Hardcore variations of Overrun, Spoils of War, Hostile Territory and Most Wanted."

The new update is also a great one for the game's latest role: Naturalists. More specifically, a pair of Legendary Bucks have been added across New Hanover and West Elizabeth.

"The fabled Legendary Mud Runner Buck - with its aggressive nature and piebald coat that sets it apart from the more common bucks living nearby - has been spotted in the south of The Heartlands by Flat Iron Lake," reads the description of this content. "The vigilant and fleetfooted Legendary Snow Buck can often be found grazing near the Aurora Basin."

As always, you will be able to photograph these beasts and turn in your work to Harriet for a reward, or, alternatively, slay them and collect your reward with Gus. That said, they won't be easy to find, as they are mostly limited to daylight and dry weather.

The last bit of salient information is word of a new Free Roam event that invites players to photograph animals in their natural habits.

"A brand new Free Roam Event invites all players to photograph animals in their natural habitats, competing against other photographers to rack up the highest number of points," reads the description of the event. "Outscore your foes by photographing as many different animals as possible as closely as you can, paying mind to the quality of your composition. Prove your skills behind a camera to emerge as the victor for generous RDO$ & XP payouts. The best individual photograph taken during each event will also earn a reward."


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Red Dead Online is available via the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia for free to anyone who owns Red Dead Redemption 2 on any of the mentioned platforms.