‘Resident Evil 2’ Gameplay Trailer Reintroduces Us To the Lickers

With Resident Evil 2’s magnificent looking remake coming our way in just over two months, excitement for Capcom’s latest release is at an all-time high -- and an ideal start to the 2019 gaming year. And now a new gameplay presentation has dropped, giving us a better look at the game -- as well as some particularly nasty looking enemies that Resident Evil fans will be familiar with.

Posted on the PlayStation YouTube channel, the latest episode of PlayStation Underground takes a deeper look into the forthcoming remake, as Claire Redfield fights her way through a danger-infested area.

The graphics look pretty amazing for the remake, from dynamic lighting that brings the parking garage that Claire is in to life, to the character design, both human and with the Umbrella-powered monsters.

Along the way, Claire finds herself helping a young girl, but soon comes across an old man that holds her at gunpoint. He manages to escape with her, while Claire is able to re-arm herself and pursue them, collecting a few items along the way.

But as she enters the depth of the garage, that’s when she comes across the Lickers, which look absolutely frightening in high definition. The first time you come across these blind (but deadly) creatures, you’re likely to shiver in fear as you try to escape in one piece.

You’ll also notice that a few zombies come crawling along, forcing Claire to run and discharge a little gunfire in the hopes of bringing them down. The demo comes to a close with Claire reaching an office and finding some documents.


This gameplay teaser definitely lives up to the “teaser” part, as we never really find out what happened to the guy or the little girl that he’s taken with him. But we’ll find out what’s happening soon enough, and what kind of dangerous creatures await throughout Resident Evil 2. You can watch the video in full above, and despite the continuous voiceover, you really get an idea of what the game is all about.

Resident Evil 2 will release on January 25, 2019 for Xbox One, PC/Steam and PlayStation 4.