Leaked 'Resident Evil 2' Copy Confirmed to Be Fake

A copy of Resident Evil 2 allegedly leaked and caused the series' community to have concerns for spoilers, but the leaked copy has been confirmed to be a fake.

Like other games before it, reports that Resident Evil 2 had been leaked surfaced within the same month the game was scheduled to be released. A Twitter user shared an image of the boxed version of Resident Evil 2 with text saying that the game had leaked in some European stores. The tweet served as an alert to those waiting for the game so that they could avoid any potential spoilers before the game is released on January 25th.

But not long after the leak surfaced, it was shot down when it was confirmed to be a fake copy of the game. Matthias Mirlach of Capcom Germany replied to Twitter user Nibel who was spreading awareness of the leak and said the boxed copy was indeed fake. It matches the box art that was revealed months ago, but the Capcom representative said it was a fake which had been debunked by the German Resident Evil 2 community on Facebook.

Seeing how the game originally came out in 1998, people might wonder what could possibly be spoiled, but the game offers more than just a shot-for-shot recreation of the original story. Capcom spoke about the game last year to explain why it shouldn't strictly be considered a remake with several aspects of the game changed in the new release. While the overall story will remain the same, enemy locations, puzzles, and other parts of the game have been changed to leave some surprises waiting for those who played the original and think they know what to expect.

The supposed Resident Evil 2 leak follows an actual leak that affected the Kingdom Hearts III community when Square Enix's game leaked in December. Unlike Resident Evil 2 though, that leak was real, but the director of the game told those worried about spoilers that not everything was in the game at that point, so the biggest surprises remain unknown.


Resident Evil 2 is scheduled to be released on January 25th.