Resident Evil 4 Player Kills The Chainsaw Guy Using Only A Door

Many people know Resident Evil 4 as the once Nintendo GameCube exclusive that eventually made its way to all other platforms. Not only have players loved the title over the years, but it has also been regarded as one of the best in the entire series, if not the very best. That said, the game offers players a myriad of ways to dispatch the undead throughout the story, but one player recently decided to go about taking out one of the more prominent enemies using something that not many would think to use - a door.

Dr. Salvador is more affectionately known as the Chainsaw Guy, which is rather horrifying considering he is trying to kill the player. However, YouTube user Dante Ravioli has defeated Dr. Salvador using only a door and a foot to kick said door. Using some interesting evasion tactics, Ravioli was able to draw Chainsaw Guy towards the closed door and then kick it open, injuring the enemy. The process is lengthy, but rewarding in that Ravioli now gets to brag that they took down the character without guns, but merely a door.

In case you are not familiar with Resident Evil 4, here's more:

"In Resident Evil 4, special agent Leon S. Kennedy is sent on a mission to rescue the U.S. President’s daughter who has been kidnapped. Finding his way to a rural village in Europe, he faces new threats that are a departure from the traditional lumbering zombie enemies of the earlier instalments in the series. Leon battles horrific new creatures infested by a new threat called Las Plagas and faces off against an aggressive group of enemies including mind-controlled villagers that are tied to Los Illuminados, the mysterious cult which is behind the abduction."

Resident Evil 4 was originally released in 2005 on Nintendo GameCube and PlayStation 2, and has since been ported to PC, Xbox 360 and One, PlayStation 3 and 4, the Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. If you're looking to see who else Dante Ravioli can vanquish with a door, check out their YouTube channel right here.


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[H/t Kotaku]