Resident Evil 4: Separate Ways DLC Release Date Revealed

Resident Evil 4's Separate Ways DLC will be out on September 21st.

Resident Evil 4's long-awaited Separate Ways DLC finally has a release date thanks to PlayStation's latest State of Play presentation. Revealed during the event, the Separate Ways DLC that features Leon S. Kennedy's occasional partner Ada Wong will be out on September 21st. The release date follows several updates for the Steam version of the game that were noticed recently and hinted that an update or at least an announcement might be on the way soon. Other Resident Evil 4 announcements shared during the State of Play included news of another Mercenaries mode update that'll be out on September 21st, too, as well as new footage from the virtual reality mode that'll be out in Winter 2023.

Separate Ways, for those who may not be as familiar with the DLC, is the extra content that lets people play as Ada Wong. It fills in the gaps to show what Ada was doing in between the occasional moments in Resident Evil 4 where she met up with Leon to offer him advice or save him.

What Happens in Resident Evil 4: Separate Ways?

If you never played the original Resident Evil 4 or didn't play the Separate Ways expansion after it was released but did play the remake, you're probably wondering then if the Separate Ways DLC will be worth the wait. While the fact that the original game was remade means that the DLC will naturally undergo some changes in terms of its story and contents, we at least have a pretty good idea of what'll take place.

In the original Separate Ways release, the add-on content was of course much shorter than the main game and was comprised of just five chapters. You play as the iconic Resident Evil character Ada Wong throughout, and like Leon, you find weapons and resources along the way to take on zombies and complete her own missions tasked to her by Albert Wesker.

Aside from being able to play as Ada, the appeal of the DLC largely comes from being ablet to see the game from a totally different perspective. One of Ada's first missions, for example, deals with the bell rung near the beginning of Leon's journey that calls all of the zombies away from the protagonist. Without spoiling anything (and things might be changed in the DLC, after all), it's a moment that Ada is directly tied to, though you wouldn't know that without having played the DLC.

Is Separate Ways Free?

No, Separate Ways won't be free. It was in the original Resident Evil 4, but not this time. The fact that the trailer called the Mercenaries update a free release and didn't say the same for Separate Ways hinted at that, but a press release shared shortly after the announcement confirmed as much by saying that Separate Ways will be available as a $9.99 DLC. The VR mode, however, will be free.

Resident Evil 4: Separate Ways releases on September 21st.