New Resident Evil 8 Village Details Revealed

A slab of new Resident Evil 8 Village details have been revealed, providing Resident Evil fans [...]

A slab of new Resident Evil 8 Village details have been revealed, providing Resident Evil fans more insight into the upcoming PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC survival-horror game. Some of these details are broader points, and reveal more salient information like how close the game is to release. Meanwhile, other details get down to the nitty-gritty about the game, including information about its setting and gameplay elements.

The most salient detail shared is probably the tidbit about the game being 60 percent complete, which suggests it may not hit its rumored early 2021 release window. At the moment of publishing, Capcom hasn't specified a release date beyond "2021," but rumors and reports have been suggesting it will release in the first half of the year, and maybe even the first quarter. However, if it's only 60 percent complete, these claims may not be accurate.

Below, you can check out a quick rundown of every relevant new detail shared by Capcom:

  • The game is set somewhere in Europe, and judging by the trailer, it's somewhere in Eastern Europe.
  • There will be puzzles to solve, with an emphasis on exploration.
  • There are no perceivable loading screens.
  • Next-gen consoles allow for a more immersive experience, but especially allow for upgrades to graphics and audio.
  • Inventory management is very important.
  • The game is a direct sequel to Resident Evil 7.
  • The first-person view from Resident Evil 7 is back, but is tweaked and refined.
  • Ethan and Mia have formed a new type of relationship.
  • Taking a deeper look at Resident Evil 8's reveal trailer will show you which path of Resident Evil 7 is canon.
  • More information about the game is coming this August.
  • The game is currently 60 percent complete.

Resident Evil Village is set to release worldwide sometime in 2021 via the PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC. At the moment of publishing, there has been no word of PS4 or Xbox One versions of the game. Further, there's been no word of a precise release date beyond sometime in "2021," but it's believed the game will drop in the first half of the year based on recent rumors and reports.

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H/T, Famitsu via Alex Aniel.