Resident Evil Video Shows Off a Full Match in Project Resistance

Capcom’s new Resident Evil game called Project Resistance has only been played by a limited number of people during an RE Ambassadors preview and industry events, so not many people have seen enough to know how they feel about the new take on the series. While a beta is coming in October to give the public a hands-on experience with the game, we’ve now got a new preview from Capcom to show what a full match in this asymmetrical game will look like.

The video below was released by Capcom on Friday to show different perspectives of a Project Resistance match. You’ve got the four human players named Tyrone, January, Valerie, and Samuel, each of them with their own unique abilities, and then you have Daniel, the “Mastermind” who’s behind all the obstacles the survivors will face. As the team of four works together while filling different roles like support and tank, the Mastermind uses “cards” to throw different enemies in the players’ paths. Crawlers, Lickers, and the ultimate ability where the solo player gets to control the Tyrant are a few of the moves the Mastermind has.

For the team of four survivors, it’s a more traditional Resident Evil experience. There are zombies that need to be taken out, objectives like destroying cores and collecting keycards that need to be completed, and traps which you’ll have to avoid. Players can respawn but are hit with a time penalty if that happens and have to make it through the game’s various map levels before they’re able to leave the twisted experiment. By sticking together and knocking out the Mastermind’s cameras, they can inhibit the solo players’ ability to track their progress and place obstacles in their paths.

It’s not the typical Resident Evil experience that fans of the series might’ve been hoping for, but it’s one that Capcom producer Matt Walker said was important for the company so that it may offer new gameplay experiences and keep people interested. The producer described the game as a “great survival horror experience” and said they were excited for others to get to try it during the beta.


That time to test the game will come soon now that the beta is just under a week away. It’s scheduled to begin on October 4th and will run throughout the weekend, and if you want to participate, you’ll need to take some actions first to makes sure you get in.

Project Resistance does not yet have a release date.