Resistance 4 Pitch Was Reportedly Turned Down by PlayStation Due to The Last of Us

Over a decade ago, developer Insomniac Games was perhaps most well-known at the time for its work [...]

Over a decade ago, developer Insomniac Games was perhaps most well-known at the time for its work on the Resistance series. The first-person shooter series that released during the PlayStation 3 era had three mainline installments--and some handheld spin-offs--but hasn't had a new entry since 2012. However, it sounds like a fourth Resistance game was at one point in the cards, but PlayStation opted to not greenlight it in part thanks to The Last of Us.

According to podcast host and former reporter Colin Moriarty, Resistance 4 was a title that Insomniac Games pitched to those in charge at PlayStation at one point. In a recent episode of the Sacred Symbols podcast, Moriarty revealed that PlayStation declined a Resistance 4 idea from Insomniac in part because it already had too many other post-apocalyptic games in the pipeline. Specifically, Moriarty said that The Last of Us was one of those such titles and in a roundabout way was the reason why PlayStation turned down the project.

"Resistance 4 was pitched to them [PlayStation] and the reason [...] they declined Resistance 4 was because it sounded like The Last of Us," Moriarty explained. "They didn't want the two games to be overlapping with each other, so Resistance was shut down at that point."

As a whole, this makes quite a bit of sense from Sony's perspective. Even though it's disappointing to hear that Resistance 4 was something that almost happened, it's surely a wise decision for PlayStation to look to diversify its first-party offerings a bit more.

And for Insomniac Games specifically, it's not as if the studio hasn't been able to create other fantastic titles in lieu of Resistance 4 getting turned down. Over the past few years alone, it has released stellar titles such as Sunset Overdrive, Marvel's Spider-Man, and just yesterday launched Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. While it would be great to see Resistance come back one day, PlayStation probably made the right call at the time to turn down a potential sequel.

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