Respawn Entertainment Hiring For "Multiplayer FPS" Project

Respawn Entertainment is putting together an incubation team for a multiplayer FPS project...but what is it?

While Respawn Entertainment's Star Wars first-person-shooter (FPS) game was canceled earlier this year amongst the carnage of a tumultuous year in the video game industry, reports shortly followed that the developers may have set their sights on a different FPS by putting a new Titanfall game into the early prototyping stages of development, though notably not Titanfall 3 and instead a new game in the world of Titanfall. While these reports have not been confirmed by Respawn in any official capacity, the studio has a couple of new job postings on their career page that may indicate some sort of confirmation regarding this – and if the open positions aren't for whatever may be going on with Titanfall, they are certainly for another FPS.

While the two listings include one for a Principal Character Artist, it's the information in the Game Design Director listing that indicates a bit of what Respawn is working on with their incubation team. The job listing was first spotted by eXputer on LinkedIn rather than Respawn's website. Some of the qualifications listed include:

  • "Significant professional experience designing Multiplayer FPS experiences."
  • "Experience in systems design such as core player-facing rulesets and large interconnecting frameworks."

The separate listing for the Principal Character Artist notes a desire to find a candidate with "Experience with creatures and other non-humanoid characters," as well as stating, "As a Principal Character Artist on our team, you will be working daily to bring a diverse range of characters and creatures to life. The ideal candidate has a broad skill set in character art and is eager to be challenged by the wide variety of character related work that our game has to offer." 

According to an interview with Steve Fukuda conducted by Axios, the Titanfall series' director Steve Fukuda is leading a "very small," "skunkworks" team at Respawn, quoted as saying, "The mission is to find the fun in something new." So while could be that these job postings indicate Respawn's next Titanfall game is advancing through the development pipeline into the next stages. What seems more likely to me personally would be that these particular job listings are for whatever "something new" Fukuda's team is trying to find fun in, but this is speculation and we won't know more until the developers announce what is on their release calendar. 

Are you hoping for a new Titanfall game, or something entirely new from Respawn for their next FPS?