Retro-Bit Provides First Look At Sega Genesis, Saturn Controllers, and They Look Great

Earlier this week, we reported the news that Retro-Bit would be showing off the first models of [...]

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Earlier this week, we reported the news that Retro-Bit would be showing off the first models of its Sega Genesis and Sega Saturn controllers, as part of its deal with the publisher to make new peripherals based on those systems. Now, it didn't bring Sega Dreamcast along for the ride, as those controllers are still in the works.

However, it did provide a first look at the controllers that it will be producing, and, we gotta say, they're pretty fantastic when they come to design. You can catch a glimpse of which controllers they'll be bringing out below.

As you can see, there are three different models for both Sega Genesis and Sega Saturn, suiting every type of gamer that's out there. Let's break down each of the types and who they best apply to.

Classic: First up we have the general black designs of the Genesis and Saturn controllers that resemble their classic models, right down to the grey and black buttons. These will likely apply to the classic gaming fans out there, though the wireless Bluetooth technology should make it easier to play your favorite games. Bye bye, cords!

Deluxe: Next up, we have the controllers that feature all the buttons, but also a few other functions, including analog sticks, a home button and select and a pair of other buttons for menu functionality. We're not sure if Retro-Bit is making these controllers for more current systems like the Xbox One or PlayStation 4, but we have a pretty good feeling they'd be ideal for the Sega Genesis Classics collection amongst other favorites. Hopefully we'll find out more soon.

Custom: Finally, there are a couple of custom colored controllers offered in the collection. There's a sweet clear blue-looking Genesis pad that looks to fit in perfectly with contemporary gamers; and there's also a green and black Saturn pad with red shoulder buttons, perfect for those late night sessions of Virtual On or games of that type. We'd be down to pick both of these up.

Retro-Bit should have pricing and availability details ready down the road, as well as a peek at its lineup of Dreamcast controllers. But it's got the right idea when it comes to design because, dang it, we want all of these!

We'll have more information as soon as it becomes available!