Retro-Bit Partners With Sega To Bring Sega Genesis, Dreamcast And Saturn Consoles Back To The Gaming World

It’s been a while since Sega has been in the hardware gaming business, although it’s partnered [...]

Sega New Systems

It's been a while since Sega has been in the hardware gaming business, although it's partnered with other companies in the past to bring back its classics, like AtGames with its Sega Genesis Flashback system.

But now things are getting serious, as a new partnership is bringing back not one but three returning Sega platforms for a new generation of players to enjoy.

Retro-Bit, a company that just released an all-in-one console featuring classics by Capcom, Data East and more, has announced that it has partnered up with Sega to produce new accessories based on its most popular consoles, including the Sega Genesis, Sega Dreamcast and Sega Saturn.

The company intends to introduce several accessories that "feature the same great quality" as the original hardware, but with "modern upgrades", including support for PC compatibility (through USB) and Bluetooth wireless technology.

Retro-Bit intends to show off a first look of these new products next month at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next month, at the Innex booth in South Hall.

"With retro gaming on an upswing, we are pleased to offer officially SEGA licensed accessories in their original format as well as apply the innovative classic gaming enhancements that have become the hallmark of Retro-Bit," said Titi Ngoy, President and CEO at Innex Inc. the exclusive distributor of Retro-Bit. "We're excited to unveil the first of these new products and concepts at CES, and do so alongside an exciting 2018 product catalog."

Pricing for the new hardware hasn't been revealed yet, but they look to be fully compatible with previously released games for the system, as far as we know. More details are expected to be revealed next month during the CES showcase. Here's hoping that the company gets a good model down that includes analog sticks (just like the previous Saturn/Dreamcast models) as well as the possibility of downloadable games.

Hey, we're just happy to see these systems back in action. Now where'd we put that copy of Crazy Taxi…?