Robert Kirkman’s Thief Of Thieves Getting Its Own Video Game

While Robert Kirkman and Skybound Entertainment are synonymous with the likes of The Walking Dead, [...]

While Robert Kirkman and Skybound Entertainment are synonymous with the likes of The Walking Dead, that's not the only property that the team is hard at work on.

IGN revealed today that another project from the duo, Thief of Thieves, will be making its way to the video game realm, with a demo that's being set to go at San Diego Comic-Con in just a few short days.

Set to release on Steam in early 2018 (no word about consoles just yet), the game focuses on the comic book series by Kirkman and his cohorts.

The comic book series focuses on Conrad Paulson, who lives a secret double life as Redmond. But the game, being developed by Rival Games, will focus on Paulson's protégé, the mysterious Celia. Some fans of the comic series may recall she was introduced a while back, but mainly as a flashback.

But the point of the video game will focus on her adventures, and how she eventually "became an accomplished thief of her own."

Dan Murray, president of Skybound Interactive, has noted that Rival Games "has created an excellent expansion" of the universe created within the comic, and he "can't wait to share" it with fans when it gets its presentation next month. He also noted that his team is "excited to broaden Robert Kirkman's world" with characters from the comic series. For that matter, though, we'll also see some "fresh faces" as well, though he didn't elaborate who just yet.

The original Thief of Thieves comic was originally created five years ago, back in 2012, alongside artist Shawn Martinbrough. Obviously, Walking Dead got more popularity, but the comic has quite a bit of a following, so the game should cater to them as well.

Kirkman and Skybound have been working to get more involved in the video game world. Overkill Games (the creators of PayDay) are already hard at work on their own The Walking Dead game, working in conjunction with Skybound; and the team has several virtual reality games in development as well, though they're still in the development phase.

For those that want to see Thief of Thieves in action, you can stop by booth #241 when the show takes place later this month. There's also the trailer, which you can see above!