Rocket League Cross-Platform Parties Coming Next Month

Rocket League is one of the leading titles alongside Fortnite that continue to pioneer the way for [...]

Rocket League is one of the leading titles alongside Fortnite that continue to pioneer the way for cross-platform play. Though the highly addictive car-driven game already has the ability to play between platforms, it doesn't allow different platform players to party it up. Luckily, that's going to change - and soon!

According to a recent blog post from Psyonix, the new feature dubbed RocketID will be deploying next month. Though we don't have an exact date yet at this time, we do know it's slated for a September release pending first-party certification. "It was a tough decision to make," the team admitted, "but our focus on quality -- even at the expense of our schedule -- is in place so that we can provide you with the excellent play experience that you deserve."

Though many thought it would be pushed out during the August update, you can't really argue with the desire for quality over a proposed deadline. That being said, only a month wait isn't difficult at all and we're almost to the halfway mark through August already.

Though the RocketID isn't coming until next month, that doesn't mean August will be lacking for features. According to the dev team, "Though RocketID has been pushed out to the update after next, we're still on track to deliver the "August Update," as it's called for now, by the end of the month. The August Update includes a big change to progression, which updates what happens when you gain levels in Rocket League along with major tuning related to how frequently that happens. Our intent is to make gaining levels desirable, achievable, and rewarding."

The Rocket Pass will also be rolled out the week after the August update goes live as a "Premium" upgrade with tons of new content for players to enjoy and to collect. You can check out more about that with our previous coverage right here.

But what else does Rocket League have in store? Plenty, "In addition to Cross-Platform Parties in September, there are also a number of new features and content coming later this year. We'll be kicking off Competitive Season 9 this fall, along with moving all Sports Playlists, like Rumble, Dropshot, etc. into their own Ranked tab (may the best players win)! And be sure to keep an eye out for additional announcements in the coming weeks, including some exciting social features we think will be a big hit."

Rocket League is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.