Rockstar Games Job Listing Has Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA 5 Fans Excited

A new Rockstar Games job listing has both Red Dead Online and GTA Online players on console, and [...]

A new Rockstar Games job listing has both Red Dead Online and GTA Online players on console, and especially PC, excited. Cheating is a massive problem plaguing both GTA Online and Red Dead Online. And so far, Rockstar Games hasn't done much to remedy this problem other than banning players in waves. However, it sounds like this is changing, which means both online experiences for Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2 should be far more enjoyable soon.

Over on Twitter, Rockstar Intel writer VideoTech relayed word of a new Rockstar Games job listing for Associate Cheat Operations Analyst. Of course, the title itself suggests this position will be focused on combating cheaters and hackers, and the text of the job listing reinforces this, noting one responsibility applicants should expect is to find paid cheats and file reports pertaining to them.

"This role involves monitoring multiple sources of information to identify cheaters and online mods for our titles and taking appropriate action on that information," reads the "what we do" part of the job listing. "The team is a vital component of our efforts to safeguard the online game experience of our titles and deals with complex cheat-related issues daily."

Of course, it remains to be seen if this is part of a larger initiative to improve the anti-cheat for both games. On paper, this job listing is promising, but without more context, it's hard to know if it will prove consequential.

Just about every online game with competitive elements is plagued with cheaters and hackers. And combating these cheaters and hackers isn't as easy you'd think. That said, some games do it better than others, and Red Dead Online and GTA Online certainly aren't among these games.

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