PlayStation Modders Reveal World's First Water-Cooled PS5

YouTube channel Modding Cafe has created the world's first PlayStation 5 console cooled by water. [...]

YouTube channel Modding Cafe has created the world's first PlayStation 5 console cooled by water. The next-gen console generates quite a bit of heat, requiring a large cooling fan. However, water cooling is a quieter option, and it takes up less space. The plastic casing in modder Nhenhophach's build makes it as tall as a traditional PS5, but he's apparently working on more versions, including one that will be made available commercially. The modder's YouTube channel tends to focus more on PC builds, and his next project will apparently integrate the water-cooled PS5 into a PC, according to Video Games Chronicle. A video of the mod's creation can be found at the top of this page.

The water-cooled aspect is easily the highlight, but the design of the system also has a lot of accents that PlayStation fans should love! From the system logo on the water tank to the controller symbols cut into the frame, it's not hard to imagine PlayStation fans really falling in love with this design. It certainly has a unique look, but the same can be said for the official PS5 design! With the fan gone, it's possible that future versions of Nhenhophach's PS5 might be smaller. It will be interesting to see what those designs look like, particularly the one that will be available for purchase.

It's always interesting to see the different ideas that modders bring to the table. Most PlayStation fans would just be happy to secure any PS5 let alone one that's water-cooled, but there are a lot of gamers that would be happy to have a version that produces less noise! Water-cooled video game consoles haven't been embraced by the industry yet, but it wouldn't be surprising to see it happen in the future.

While PS5 has only been around since November, it seems that modders have been hard at work finding alternate versions of the hardware to make and even offer for purchase. An 18-karat gold plated version of the system is available online, carrying a fairly hefty price tag of £8000. It's significantly less practical than the water-cooled version, but for those looking for a shiny display piece, it might be worth the cost!

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