Rust Update Adds Boats and More

(Photo: Facepunch)

Rust's latest update has been released that adds the games first player-controlled vehicle, a small, dingy boat.

The motorized rowboat can seat several passengers to ferry them across the water, according to an update from Facepunch that explained how the new vehicle will work in Rust.

"The first player controlled vehicle has arrived in Rust," the announcement post explained. "A motorized rowboat, with seating for one driver and three passengers, can be found on the shores of the island. They require Low Grade Fuel to operate, and have a small storage box located in the bow. If left outside too long they will decay, so you should build yourself a boat house. There will be about 64 active on a 4k sized server, so get 'em while they're hot! You can utilize these boats to access the offshore junk piles added this patch."

In addition to the boats, another vehicle has been added as well, though this one isn't a player controlled option. The CH47 helicopter enters Rust as part of the Chinook Event that was also detailed in the announcement.

"This transport helicopter is a periodic server event which will appear offshore and make its way to a designated drop zone to resupply. Drop zones are located at most of the Tier 1 and above monuments, and the helicopter will orbit the area in an attempt to neutralize any threats (read: players). After this, it will approach the drop zone and release its payload."

While the boats may be new to players, they won't be the only thing that's interacting with the game's water. In a much more morbid change than adding the vehicle, Rust's new boat addition also allowed the devs to explore the buoyancy quality of dead bodies.

"My work on boats ended up being generic enough that I could expand it to other areas of the game, the most obvious one being player corpses," the update continued. "Now when someone is killed in a body of water their body will float on the water's surface and respond to rivers, etc. This not only looks a lot better, but has a functional element as players killed on boats or in water will have their loot be accessible on the surface."


The announcement from Facepunch explained many more changes that were implemented in Rust with the release of the latest update. A quick summary of the biggest changes can be seen through the Steam post, but if you want a more detailed look, you'll have to read through the changes on Facepunch's site.