Sega Responds To New Sonic All-Star Racing Game Rumors

Earlier today, Sega fans went into a frenzy when an internal leak indicated that the developers at [...]

Sonic Racing

Earlier today, Sega fans went into a frenzy when an internal leak indicated that the developers at Sumo Digital weren't just working on a new first person shooter for the publisher, but also a new kart racing game in the Sonic series, meaning a return to the Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed franchise for the first time in just under six years. And, hey, we could totally use that racing game, we'll tell you what.

Alas, it doesn't look that likely. Aaron Webber, who serves as "social media and PR for a certain blue hedgehog" over at the company, recently took to Twitter to douse our dreams quicker than a water cannon. He noted, "Hi guys – saw rumors floating today about another SART game. Just wanted to confirm it's not a thing!"

Well, so much for that. The idea of getting a new kart game for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch does sound pretty tempting, though, and Transformed was quite the popular title when it released back in 2012. So there's always a hopeful chance we'll see the series return one day. Just…not for now, it seems.

So that leaves an interesting question – just what does Sega have planned as far as Sonic goes this year? We've already gotten not one but two games last year with Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces, so a sequel to one of those would probably come all too soon. Thus, the idea of a new Transformed game, somewhere in-between, sounds pretty good to us.

And there's also been no response on that first-person shooter. What could it be? A new chapter in the long-lost Conduit series? Perhaps something new entirely? Neither Webber nor Sega is talking just yet, as they're likely saving the reveal for E3 in a few months. Hopefully we'll see just what the company has planned at that point – even if it's not, sigh, the return of SART.

For now, we suggest checking out the original Transformed when you get a chance. It's backward compatible on Xbox One, and also available for Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 3 and Wii U. And it's the most fun you'll have with kart racing aside from Mario Kart 8.