Silent Hill Creator Shares Details, Release Window for New Horror Game

Keiichiro Toyama, the creator known for the Silent Hill games as well as the much different Gravity Rush, shared some new details on his next horror game recently. While it doesn’t yet have a name that’s been made public, it’s been described as an “action-adventure game” with horror elements that Toyama said would appeal to those who enjoyed his past projects. It’ll be a while before we see this game released though since Toyama said that the game’s development will take around three years, so don’t expect to see it release until 2023.

IGN Japan spoke to Toyama in an interview relayed to IGN that discussed the creation of the new game and what people could expect from it. He said the new project would be “an action-adventure game that will appeal to fans of my previous,” but considering how he’s responsible for not only Silent Hill but also the Gravity Rush game mentioned previously, that could mean very different things for very different audiences. Thankfully for the horror buffs, it sounds like the game will be geared more towards the former, but it won’t be a “hardcore” horror experience.

“If anything, this will be more of a horror-oriented game,” Toyama said. “But we will focus on making this a broader entertainment experience, rather than a hardcore horror game.”

Toyama along with producer Kazunobu Sato and game director Junya Okura left Sony not long ago to form Bokeh Game Studio where they’d work on new projects including this horror game. Their announcement was shared in the video above that showed the three conversing about their drive to make games and the decision to go independent.

Sato told IGN Japan that the game is still earn in development and will take around three years to complete.


“We’re just entering prototype development, and development will probably take nearly three years,” he said. “So we hope to get this game into your hands in about three years from now.”

The good news is that we shouldn’t have to wait that long to see more on the game. You can see some concept art from the video above that certainly looks like it’s been pulled from a horror game, and both Sato and business development manager Yohei Hart said there’d be teasers shared on social media. Sato said restrictions in place when working at large companies like Sony’s Japan Studio limited what could be shared publicly, but with the formation of the new studio, the team wants to share as much as they can.