Skies of Fury DX Flying The Unfriendly Skies On Nintendo Switch This Year

The Nintendo Switch is starting to get a vast variety of games in its line-up, and now you can add aerial combat to the mix, as Seed Interactive and Illumination Games have announced that they're bringing Skies of Fury DX to the system.

In the game, you'll engage in flying old-school combat, as you take on enemy pilots across various portions of World War I, shooting them down with utmost precision. For good measure, you'll also be able to take on rival pilots in multiplayer, as the game will feature split-screen multiplayer, along with support for up to four players in a match.

The game's general campaign will feature over 100 missions, and will challenge every bit of your flying nerve as you utilize ten different aircraft from World War II and careen your way through beautiful hand-painted environments.

You can check out the trailer for the game above, as well as the features below:

– 100 different missions
– Unlockable comics based on the real history of Bloody April
– Multiplayer modes, Survival and Versus, for up to four players
– Hundreds of unlockables to customize your plane
– Play to unlock upgrades for your flying and combat abilities


A release date and price haven't been given yet, but we should know more soon!