This 'Skyrim' Cosplay Brings Mjoll the Lioness to Life

There are a lot of Skyrim cosplays out there but it's very rare to see someone take on Mjoll the Lioness! A phenomenal character brought to life by the incredibly talented April Gloria.

You may recognize this cosplayer for several reasons. One, we post about her a lot and it's really hard not to because she brings so many of our favourite characters from our favourite franchises into reality with her amazing attention to detail.

Another reason she may look familiar is the fact that Buzzfeed loves calling her the "goth Taylor Swift" because of her striking resemblance to the singer out of cosplay and her penchant for a more rocksteady style.

Still, her Mjoll is flawless!

This isn't the only Elder Scrolls cosplay she's done either. She's also portrayed Serana from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, as well as Astrid and Aela the Huntress from the same game as well. To say this cosplayer is talented is a massive understatement. No matter the fandom she chooses to represent, she absolutely nails the look with her own personal flair as well.


I have to say too that I met her once at a convention in passing and she was absolutely the sweetest person ever. If you love cosplay and are interested in learning more about the craft itself, I'd highly recommend checking her out on Facebook right here! You won't regret it, she's incredibly active with her fans and is known for her progression shots as well. The perfect mentor to have for those looking to get into cosplay.

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