Snap Ships Tactics Brings Popular Toy Line to Tabletop

Snap Ships Tactics is an upcoming game featuring the popular Snap Ships line of toys battling each other for tabletop supremacy. Earlier this week, Snap Ships launched the Kickstarter for Snap Ships Tactics, a new tabletop game that uses the popular toy line as the basis of a tabletop skirmish game. In Snap Ships Tactics, players build a custom spaceship using various real-world parts and corresponding tactic cards. When the ship is built, they place it on a stand and put it on the tabletop to see how it fares against a foe. Players move their ship every turn before rolling dice based on their weaponry. Critical hits disable an opponent's parts, literally removing them from the enemy ship. 

Snap Ships Tactics will come with a PvP mode, along with a co-op and solo mode that pits players against an AI deck. 

The Snap Ships franchise is a model-building toy line, where players purchase different sets that contain cube-like chassis parts and various accessories. Each set contains a number of parts that can be mixed and matched with any other set for a variety of customization options. 

Snap Ships Tactics was designed by Lynnvander Studios, a small game design studios with credits on Starfinder: Pirates of Skydock, Pathfinder: Level 20, Doctor Who: Don't Blink, Evil Dead 2, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Star Trek Attack Wing: The Alliance System. 

Backers of Snap Ships Tactics will receive a copy of the Starter Box with a $99 pledge. Higher level pledges are also available that include additional ships and cards, as well as additional accessories to help play the game. 

As of press time, Snap Ships Tactics has raised over $200,000, which far exceeds its initial funding goal. Fulfillment of the game is expected to take place later this year. The Kickstarter will remain open through July 28th.