SNES Classic Edition Back In Stock At GameStop

Been looking for a SNES Classic Edition? Hey, so have a lot of classic gaming fans. But it appears [...]

SNES Classic Edition

Been looking for a SNES Classic Edition? Hey, so have a lot of classic gaming fans. But it appears that GameStop has you covered, as the company has just posted several more being in stock. What's more, if you want to take the option, you can actually get it for cheaper than the usual $80 price.

By going to the link above, you'll be taken to a page that indicates that the system is sold out. However, if you click on the systems below it, you'll actually see that it's in stock, so you can get it shipped out to you, enabling you to enjoy the 21 classic Super Nintendo titles that it comes with!

That cheaper option that we mentioned actually points to a refurbished model of the SNES Classic Edition being sold by GameStop. It's the same as the new version, including the system deck, two controllers and all the hook-ups, and it's being sold for $74.99, $5 off the usual price. This is a good option for those of you looking to get it for cheaper. (Update: looks like that model is sold out -- it caught on too quickly!)

That said, if you do want the new version, it appears to be in stock as well, as you can pick it up by itself for $79.99. This is pretty rare for GameStop, as you usually have to plunk down on a $90+ bundle in order to get your hands on one.

And if you need extra controllers to go along with your new SNES Classic Edition, you can get those as well. The Miniboss wireless controller is available for $19.99, while the SNES Wireless Fighting Commander Controller – perfect for Street Fighter II Turbo – can be yours for $24.99. They're optional, of course.

More than likely, these systems will run out of stock, so if you really want a SNES Classic Edition, we suggest following this link to get your hands on one. Whether you go refurbished or for a new system, you'll have hours of fun going back through the 21 classics that are on hand here. Dibs on the first session of Super Mario World!

The SNES Classic Edition is available now.