‘Sonic Mania Adventures’ Gets a New Amy Rose-centric Episode For the Holidays

The last time we saw the animated Sonic Mania Adventures series that accompanied the release of [...]

The last time we saw the animated Sonic Mania Adventures series that accompanied the release of Sonic Mania Plus, the saga was coming to a close with Sonic and his allies winning a bitter fight against Robotnik and enjoying some hot dogs. But leave it to Sega and company to bring back a new episode, just in time for the holidays.

The latest episode of Adventures can be viewed above, and here's the synopsis from the official YouTube page:

"Metal Sonic and Eggman crash into the jungle after being defeated. Broken, abandoned, and alone as seasons pass and the skies turn cold, a surprise appearance may change Metal Sonic's fate forever.
We were so excited to work on this bonus holiday short of Sonic Mania Adventures for you all- a little something to celebrate the spirit of giving, and the kindness that can warm even the coldest of hearts.
Happy Holidays, from all of us at SEGA!"

The episode kicks off with the baddies crash landing after a defeat, with Robotnik leaving Metal Sonic to be snowed under. It's here that female hedgehog Amy Rose makes her debut in the series, dressed in winter garb and clumsily tripping over the metallic foe. She rescues him from a fallen tree and hits him with a hammer, but then takes him to Robotnik's home, where she puts a bow on his head and a flower in his hand.

Robotnik carries him in, leaving Amy pleased with her progress- though Sonic does look a little confused over what occurred. However, Amy decides to gift him with a flower as well.

You can watch the whole episode above, once again directed by Tyson Hesse. And if you need even more of an Amy Rose fix this holiday season, Sega has just what you need.

The official Sega store has introduced a new section of goods devoted to the heroine, including limited edition sweatshirts, an Amy winter mug, a 25th anniversary keychain, a cute crystal heart hair tie and more. There's also a cute phone case if you feel like having something pink with Amy's face imprinted all over it. You can see the whole selection of goodies here.

And now the real question- will Amy be introduced to Sonic Mania Plus some day? You never know…

Sonic Mania Plus is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC. Be sure to check out our review!