Sony's New Patent Hints At Possible Cartridge Format For PlayStation 5

We've been hearing about all sorts of possible features about the PlayStation 5 console, though nothing has been fully confirmed just yet. However, one interesting whisper has just popped up, suggesting that the company may be looking into a possible format change with the system.


The news comes from a German outlet by the name of Techtastic (with translation help from Microsoft), who came across a patent filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment last year, indicating that the company is looking at some kind of cartridge format -- relating back to the type of media that the PlayStation Vita used.

The outlet indicates that, based on an interview with Bloomberg, chief executive John Kodera noted that the company needs a system with a link between a console for home and handheld is required for Sony's success in the future -- which sounds quite similar to how the Nintendo Switch is set up.

PS5 2
(Photo: Techtastic)

From what you can see in the pictures below, it definitely looks cartridge-based, although its design also shows some similarities to a memory card. Perhaps we could see a combination between the two?

The patent describes the item as an "electronic game cartridge," though it could easily be along the lines of how a PS Vita/Nintendo Switch game is designed on a card.

That said, Techtastic wasn't able to find any other details, so we're not sure how this pertains to the PlayStation 5 just yet. But this could very possibly tie in with other patents that we've seen make the rounds, including a break-apart DualShock style controller that can be used with a handheld device, as well as a possible pack-in virtual reality headset.

Sony isn't likely to reveal the details on the PlayStation 5 anytime soon, since it won't be attending E3 this year. If anything, we're likely to see details emerge in late 2019, around the time that Sony will be celebrating its 25th anniversary in the game industry. That's not finalized yet, but that seems like the ideal time to do it.

We'll let you know once details become available on the PlayStation 5, but keep a close eye out. You never know what the company might confirm; or if it'll utilize the design of the somewhat failed PlayStation Vita in a new platform that could mean big things for the company.

(Hat tip to Techtastic for the scoop!)