Sony Reiterates Strength In First Party Development

We really didn’t need a reminder that Sony was pumping out quality games for the PlayStation 4. [...]


We really didn't need a reminder that Sony was pumping out quality games for the PlayStation 4. The awesome God of War already speaks for itself; and we're anticipating Insomniac Games' Spider-Man and Naughty Dog's The Last of Us Part II like nobody's business.

But Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO John Kodera thought that first-party development needed to be addressed anyway and discussed the key to its continuing success.

During its recent Investor Day meeting in Tokyo, Kodera confirmed that a "few items" are in development through the company's first-party studios. He also noted that games coming through this would be "improved and increased" as the year goes on, meaning that we could be seeing more great games as 2019 rolls in.

He notes that having "successful and powerful" IPs is an asset to the company, since they can be converted into hit franchises. With that, "the business associated with them can be expanded."

This could be potential for what's coming with the company's rumored PlayStation 5 hardware, which hasn't even been revealed yet. Sony knows it's already nailing it out of the park with this generation, so it doesn't hurt to get a leg up as you prepare for the next one, right?

Sony hasn't announced any plans regarding its PS5 console. Right now it seems focused on the games coming up for PlayStation 4 with its E3 line-up, including the aforementioned titles along with the mysterious Death Stranding and the zombie action game Days Gone.

Previous reports suggest that the PlayStation 5 may not even come our way until 2021, meaning that Sony's plans for the PS4 may be more elaborate than we planned. More than likely however, we probably won't see what those plans are until the PlayStation Experience event later this year, as Sony has already noted that it doesn't have any first-party surprises planned. (It didn't say anything about third party, though -- there's a good chance something could still "sneak up" on us during the event.)

We'll let you know what Sony has up its sleeves once it confirms any new details. For now though, there's a lot to look forward to.

Sony's E3 presentation takes place in a couple of weeks in Los Angeles.