Sony: PlayStation Just Had The Biggest Black Friday In 22 Years

There are a number of success stories that came out of Black Friday weekend, like Nintendo’s [...]


There are a number of success stories that came out of Black Friday weekend, like Nintendo's dominance with the Nintendo Switch system and several games selling like hotcakes. But none were bigger than Sony, as senior vice president and head of PlayStation Network, Eric Lempel, recently stopped by Yahoo! Finance to discuss the massive sales that PlayStation garnered over the weekend.

Several retailers had Sony's PlayStation 4 Slim model marked down to an impressive $189-$199 over the weekend, and even the PlayStation 4 Pro saw a discount down to around $349 in some places. And many retailers also reported selling out of the PS4 models over the course of the weekend as well, trying to restock as quickly as possible.

"We sold more consoles than we ever have in our 22 year history," said Lempel. "We wanted to add to the consumer. Really, anything can happen on Black Friday, so we wanted to make sure people went in, they bought a console, and they also bought PlayStation Plus, because they'll get a lot of value out of that service with their new console purchase."

He added, "The discount is available to current PlayStation users. So, if they have PlayStation Plus and want to stack their subscription or renew it, they can do so as well."

The report also covered the PlayStation VR (which you can read more about here), as well as the PlayStation 4 Pro. "We've sold more consoles than ever before," said Lempel.

It appears that nothing will stop Sony from having a strong holiday season, and that will also lead into a much bigger 2018, with games like God of War and Insomniac Games' Spider-Man on the way, along with whatever else the company will announce at their PlayStation Experience event, which takes place next week.

We'll see what final sales numbers the NPD reports in just a few weeks, but it wouldn't surprise us if the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch dominated the charts, along with pieces of their respective software, such as Horizon: Zero Dawn and Super Mario Odyssey. Be sure to check back for more info.