Soul Calibur VI Could Be Revealed Very Soon, According To New Information

Even though we just reported on the possibility of seeing Devil May Cry 5 very soon from Capcom, [...]


Even though we just reported on the possibility of seeing Devil May Cry 5 very soon from Capcom, there's another project that could be unveiled soon enough – Namco's long-awaited follow-up in its Soul Calibur weapons fighting series.

We haven't seen that many games in the series, possibly since Soul Calibur II HD graced the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, so we're overdue for a new game. A previous report indicated that the game would be unveiled next month, and now we're seeing more information that indicates this will likely be the case.

The initial report, which came from this Reddit page (so it's definitely rumorville), indicates that the game will be unveiled in December for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC, though Xbox One wasn't mentioned in the platform listing. (That's not to say it won't come out, though – Soul Calibur II came out across the board for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC years ago.) The plan, according to the report, is that the game will be initially unveiled at The Game Awards early next month, and there should be an exclusive character unveiling at PlayStation Experience the next evening.

But to follow up on that, some new information from Resetera notes that the main reason Bandai Namco held off on a reveal was due to technical issues. The company was hoping to make an announcement last year during the series' 20th anniversary, but it'll settle for the 21st anniversary.

Other notes on the game include:

  • The game relies on motion capture, and actually continued working on the process earlier in the year
  • The team was looking into the creation of a new system where players could switch between styles on the fly, thus leading to the game's delay to make sure that the team could properly execute it.
  • Kilik will make his return to the series, as Bandai Namco is apparently doing away with the Weapon Master aspect from Soul Calibur V, mainly due to fans not liking it. He will apparently have a new rival as well.
  • Supers will make a return, and will work in a possible V-Trigger aspect, like Street Fighter V.
  • Story elements will play a big part of the game.
  • Some veteran characters will make a return, but they're unconfirmed at the moment. New characters will also be a part of the game, with three new faces at least.
  • One of the new characters for the Switch version could be coming from the Fire Emblem (What, no Link? He worked so well in Soul Calibur II.)

Again, this is all rumors at this point, and we won't know what Bandai Namco is up to for sure until next month rolls around. But this would be a fine return for the series, an a wonderful one-two punch for the publisher's 2018 line-up, following January 2018's release of Dragon Ball FighterZ.

We'll let you know whatever Soul Calibur information comes up in just a few weeks!