'NieR: Automata's' 2B Joins the Fight In 'SoulCalibur VI'

We've got Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher franchise hacking and slashing his way in SoulCalibur VI, now it's NieR: Automata's 2B's turn to rain the destruction down because she has officially been announced for the roster - coming soon!

2B is powerfully intelligent, lethal, and a force to be reckoned with in the NieR: Automata game which makes her arrival in SoulCalibur VI all the more exciting. Clearly players have been wanting this addition, there have been quite a few character creations made to look just like the lead character. Now they don't have to spend so much time in the customization, because she is coming in a more official capacity.

According to the game's official Twitter, "Wielding her signature swords, the combat android will keep on fighting until her task is completed." She's going to be a hard one to go up against but a delight to master. We don't have a release date for her at this time but we do know that she is "coming soon."

Are you excited for 2B's arrival? What other characters would you like to see make it over into the SoulCalibur universe? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below and tell us what you hope the future brings for the fighter!

For more about the game itself, available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC:


"SoulCalibur VI represents the latest entry in the premier weapons-based, head-to-head fighting series and continues the epic struggle of warriors searching for the legendary Soul Swords. Taking place in the 16th century, revisit the events of the original SoulCalibur to uncover hidden truths. The heroic battles transpire in a beautiful and fluid world, with eye-popping graphics and visual appeal. SoulCalibur VI tunes the battle, movement, and visual systems so players can execute visceral and dynamic attacks with ease. SoulCalibur VImarks a new era of the historic franchise and its legendary struggle between the mighty Soul Swords!"