Spelunky 2 Reveals Release Date, New Gameplay Footage

According to today's PlayStation State of Play, Spelunky 2 will release on September 15th. The presentation also revealed a wealth of new footage from the upcoming sequel. Creator Derek Yu introduced the latest trailer, providing a closer look at some of the new additions to the game. According to Yu, Spelunky 2 has been developed with both returning fans and newcomers in mind. As such, the sequel will retain the gameplay that led players to embrace the first Spelunky, while adding new elements that expand on the original concept. The game's new trailer can be seen in the video above this paragraph.

From the trailer, it seems clear that Spelunky 2 will be every bit as chaotic as its predecessor. Throughout the video, the player can be seen dying in numerous ways, as they make their way through the game's cavernous world. According to Yu, developer Mossmouth, LLC wanted to expand the ways in which the community can play together, in order to make the challenge seem less daunting. This led to the addition of online multiplayer.

Spelunky 2 will also feature branching paths, allowing the player more freedom in their exploration of the caves. The game will also add a number of new characters for players to interact with. Some of these will hinder the player's progress, while others will become part of an in-game community of NPC allies.

The original Spelunky released in 2008 on PC, before being ported to various platforms, including PlayStation 4. The game quickly became one of the most acclaimed indie games of all-time, thanks to its challenge and the number of things to discover. It's clear that Yu and the rest of the team at Mossmouth are dedicated to delivering a game that lives up to that legacy. With the sequel set to release next month, fans won't have to wait much longer to find out if the game can deliver on that promise.


Spelunky 2 will release on PlayStation 4 and PC. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the game right here.

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