Spider-Man E3 PS4 Footage Racks Up Big Numbers On YouTube


Need any more proof at how highly anticipated the Spider-Man game is for PlayStation 4? Look no further than YouTube.

James Stevenson, who serves as community director for the developers at Insomniac Games, took to Twitter this evening to boast Spider-Man's big viewership numbers during last week's Electronic Entertainment Expo.

"In just 6 days #SpidermanPS4 E3 content has wracked up 13+ million views on YouTube. Not too shabby."

That includes a number of clips that posted to the PlayStation YouTube channel. It's unknown if Stevenson also rounded up coverage from other channels, such as Kinda Funny Games and GameSpot. But that's still an impressive number, and shows just how popular Spider-Man really is leading into its release this fall.

Sony started off Spidey's showcase just right last Monday night during its pre-E3 press conference, in which it demonstrated some new gameplay where he fends off against Electro and other villains through an island prison. The remarkable gameplay is well worth watching, and you can check it out below:

Not only that, but the game was playable following the press conference, which led to us posting some lengthy hands-on impressions. And we definitely liked what we saw. To get an idea of what that demo was packing, check out the second video below, which walks you through a demonstration straight from the show floor.

The game leaves a very good impression, whether this is your first Spider-Man game or you've gotten used to prior games that were released. We noted in our hands-on piece: "This was just a small taste of what Spider-Man has to offer, but Insomniac really has taken it the extra mile here thus far. The world is remarkable; the gameplay (from wall running to web slinging to zipping) just feels like it really comes together; and the boss fight we came across is imaginative, and leaves us wondering how the others will be."


And there's still more to come, as Insomniac will no doubt have another showcase lined up for San Diego Comic-Con next month, where Spidey will no doubt make a huge impact. Here's hoping he can teach the Sinister Six a thing or two.

Spider-Man releases for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro on September 7.