'Spider-Man PS4,' 'Mortal Kombat' Mashup Proves That Spidey Is a Violent Monster

A new Spider-Man and Mortal Kombat mashup gif has us reconsidering Peter Parker's moral compass. [...]

A new Spider-Man and Mortal Kombat mashup gif has us reconsidering Peter Parker's moral compass. We already know that Batman is a bit of a dick — never killing his enemies but choosing instead to brutally beat and disable them — and now we're seeing a similar gray streak in Spider-Man, as well. Check out this hilarious (but also really logical) gif that made its way to the top of the games sub-reddit this morning:

Warning: Some of you may find the contents of the gif a little disturbing. This is Mortal Kombat, so I'm sure you knew what you were getting into, but younger readers may want to consider closing this tab and going back to Roblox.

[GIF] So much for Spidey pulling his punches from r/gaming

It's kind of funny when you first see it, and when you really think about it, yeah, what else could be happening? If you get a 40-pound wooden pallet slammed into your ribs, those babies are going to crack apart. If a super-powered crime-fighter in the prime of his life roundhouse kicks you in the jaw, that jaw is breaking. And what the hell, man? If you get sling-shot slammed from eight feet in the air onto the back of your neck at high-speed, you're as good as dead. Spider-Man, who have you become?

Speaking of Batman, though, this would be a great time to remind everyone that Marvel's Spider-Man combat is not going to be like what you experienced playing through the Batman Arkham games. Many people have drawn comparisons, since footage shows us Spider-Man pulling off quick combos, and then quick counters when his Spidey-Sense alerts him to an oncoming attack.

There's much more to it than that, though. The more footage you watch, the more you realize that Spider-Man PS4's combat is about staying alert and resourceful throughout every encounter. Everything around you in the environment can be used to your advantage. Your fists are not your only weapons; you also have web-shooters, and they are more than capable of grabbing faraway objects and bringing them down on your opponents.

Aerial maneuvers and combos are extremely important as well, and they add so much flair to the engagement. Knocking enemies into the air, performing impossible air combos, wrapping enemies up in webbing to keep them out of the fight, making use of an entire arsenal of gadgets, stealth takedowns... There's a lot to balance here, and it's going to make for a fun brawler.

Stay tuned, we'll have more Marvel's Spider-Man coverage for you in the weeks ahead!