New 'Spider-Man' Video Game Footage Ends With Epic Kingpin Fight

Incredible new b-roll footage of Marvel's Spider-Man has made its way online following a torrent [...]

Incredible new b-roll footage of Marvel's Spider-Man has made its way online following a torrent of new hands-on previews. In the video above we have over seven glorious minutes of uncut footage to pore over, and you guys are going to want to soak in every last second of it. We have tons of traversal, plenty of combat, and it all culminates in an epic boss fight with none other than Kingpin. We already knew that he would be the first chapter boss, but this is the first high-quality footage we've seen of the fight.

One of the coolest parts of the footage, and the fact that it takes place at the very beginning of the game, is that it gives us our first lengthy look at Spider-Man in action while wearing the classic Spider-Man suit. The giant red spider logo on the back and classic black spider on the front bring back so many great memories, and it's been confirmed in multiple previews that you're welcome to wear this suit for the rest of the game if you want, even after unlocking the "advanced," or "white spider," suit.

While many of you will be tracking to the end of the video to watch the boss fight, my favorite part about this footage are the peaceful stretches in the beginning. Watching Spider-Man swing around NYC has me more excited than any of the action sequences we've seen so far. When I think of "becoming" Spider-Man, I think about free-falling, swinging from building to building, and performing insane aerial acrobatics. This video shows all of those things in spades, and it's just so damn beautiful.

This is the best combat showcase we've seen as well. Anyone who thought that this would be some kind of Batman Arkham clone hadn't been paying attention. The aerial combos, the brilliant flow from combo to combo, the constant use of surrounding environmental props... It's fast-paced and brilliant, and so full of variety. When you consider the fact that we'll be earning new gear throughout the game, and new costumes will all come with their own abilities, it's not a stretch to suggest that combat will stay novel and "new" from beginning to end (and beyond).

What was your favorite part of the new footage, and what surprised you? What are you looking forward to most in Marvel's Spider-Man? The game hits PS4 and PS4 Pro on September 7, and we'll have much more for you before then, so stay tuned! You can also follow me on Twitter @MatthewFace for gaming news and more.