New 'Spider-Man' PS4 Footage Shows High-Stakes Stealth Mission

The latest Marvel's Spider-Man footage to come out of swath of new preview footage shows off the [...]

The latest Marvel's Spider-Man footage to come out of swath of new preview footage shows off the beginning of an incredibly-tense stealth mission. In this mission, Spider-Man is hunting down a pretty large group of who we now know to be the "Inner Demons." This is a group of thugs led by Martin Le's alter ego Mr. Negative, and these masked mobsters soon start a blood war with Kingpin and his thugs. In this stretch of gameplay, the Inner Demons have infiltrated an office looking for some kind of file, and it doesn't look like they'd hesitate pulling the trigger on anyone who stands in between them and their prize.

Spider-Man begins this unseen; quiet; crawling. Most of the gameplay footage we've seen of Spider-Man in battle features the web-slinger going all out, tossing baddies into one another, slamming bodies around, and slinging pieces of his surroundings into his enemies to take them out. Not this time. Now we know that, sometimes, you'll have to go in slowly and quietly so as to not jeopardize the lives of the citizens you're protecting.

So how does this all play out? Basically, the spider is playing a game of cat and mouse, and picking off his foes one by one. Perched high above your soon-to-be victims, you'll have to distract your enemies to draw them away from each other. Shoot some web to make a quiet thud, wait for someone to come investigate, and then wrap them up like prey and hang them from the ceiling. It looks pretty creepy, and we're willing to bet that it feels pretty good.

In case you missed it, we also got a ton of b-roll footage to pore over as well. We got about seven minutes of pure gameplay with no commentary. The new footage shows off ton of city-swinging, many mob fights, and culminates in an epic boss fight with Kingpin himself. It' got us all incredibly hyped, and you can watch it all for yourself right here.

We'll have much more Marvel's Spider-Man coverage for you in the weeks ahead. The game is coming to PS4 and PS4 Pro on September 7, and Insomniac Games will be going on a promotional spree as we approach the home stretch. Stay tuned!