Star Realms: Rise of Empire Launches on Kickstarter

Star Realms: Rise of Empire has officially launched on Kickstarter. This week, Wise Wizard Games launched the Kickstarter for Star Realms: Rise of Empire, a new standalone "prequel" to their popular Star Realms deckbuilding game. Unlike other Star Realms sets, Rise of Empire is a legacy-style game in which players gradually unlock additional content over the course of 12 scenarios. Permanent changes will be made to the market deck over time and different factions will unlock new content by earning Campaign victory points. Once the campaign is finished, Star Realms: Rise of Empire can be combined with other Star Realms sets to use in standard games. 

Star Realms is a popular sci-fi themed card game that mixes deckbuilding mechanics with trading card game-style combat. Each player starts off with a standard deck and access to the Trade Row, which contains ships from one of several different factions. Players use their cards to generate Trade to purchase more cards to add to their deck or Combat to directly attack their opponent. Players can also play Bases to grant them semi-permanent buffs that activate on each turn and protect their Authority (which serves as an equivalent to hit points). Different factions have different abilities and tend to synergize with other ships from the same faction. Trade Authority ships, for instance, tends to generate more Trade and Authority, while the Machine Cult can remove undesirable cards from a deck. 

Backers of the Star Realms: Rise of Empire Kickstarter will receive a copy of the game with a $59 pledge. Higher tier pledges are available that unlock a special "Infinite Replay" pack that allows players to replay the Legacy campaign without destroying cards or making permanent changes to existing cards. Players can also purchase other Star Realms sets as Add-Ons. 

As of press time, the Kickstarter for Star Realms: Rise of Empire has raised over $320,000, which far exceeds its initial funding goal. The Kickstarter campaign will remain open through August 11th.