Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Now Available for Free for Some

A popular Star Wars game is now available for free, but not for everyone. That game is Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, which alongside a Star Wars Squadrons and a fixed Star Wars Battlefront II, has begun the process of rejuvenating Star Wars from a video game perspective. Unfortunately, unless you're an Amazon Prime subscriber, the game is not available for free because the free download comes courtesy not of EA directly, but Prime Gaming, which gives out free games every month to Amazon Prime subscribers. 

Not only do you need to be an Amazon Prime subscriber to secure a free copy of the game, but free copies are limited to PC codes. The game is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X, but Prime Gaming only gives away free PC games. And it does this every month, and so far, it's never offered subscribers on console any digital codes. 

Available through Origin, the game is free to download until the end of the month. Once downloaded, it's yours to keep, but it has to be claimed in this window. 

As for the game itself, it's a single-player, narrative-driven third-person action-adventure game that hit back at the end of 2019 via Respawn Entertainment and EA. Official Star Wars lore, the game was positively received by Star Wars fans and is widely considered one of the best games of its year.

"Even though a riveting, single-player Star Wars game is an experience people have been yearning for in recent years, it was difficult at the start to get excited about Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order," reads the opening of our review of the game "Cal Kestis, the protagonist in Fallen Order, was a newcomer to the saga and would have to earn his stripes as a memorable character, and, on top of that, the idea of mowing people down as an overpowered Jedi didn't seem particularly appealing or rewarding. But, as more was revealed about the game, including its influences from other series and how players would have to essentially rebuild him, the game became immensely more attractive. After playing it through to the end, those updated expectations held up, as Fallen Order proved to be a tremendously entertaining and a sometimes challenging game that's a welcome shift from Electronic Arts' past endeavors, though whether or not it's a meaningful Star Wars story will rest solely on the individual's familiarity with the franchise."