'Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order' Isn't a Stealth Game, Respawn Says

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order takes place during dark times for the Jedi Order when the game's protagonist, Cal Kestis, and others have to keep their identities hidden. It makes sense that one might assume the game employs some elements of stealth. Respawn Entertainment said that's not the case, however, and that the game's focus is on combat and mastering the powers of a Jedi, not being stealthy. While moving around undetected is always a possibility, Respawn said it's not the gameplay they're encouraging.

Respawn spoke about the absence of these stealth elements in an interview with IGN shortly after the game was officially unveiled at a Star Wars Celebration Chicago panel. In the trailer seen above that's the first released for the game so far, we see Cal trying to stay hidden from the Stormtroopers and the new Purge Troopers. It looks like those moments will only be reserved to cutscenes and story elements that drive the narrative forward though since players aren't advised take down their enemies with stealth.

"I've heard that from a couple people and I can understand why, but no, stealth isn't something that we're featuring in the game," Fallen Order game director Stig Asmussen told IGN when asked if the game would feature stealth elements. "You can jump into a situation and negotiate the battle the way that you want. There's a lot of choice in how you come across your enemies and take them down. You could potentially, if you wanted, sneak around and not get the AI's attention. I guess that's technically possible. It's not something we're openly encouraging. We want the player to have fun and the power fantasy of having a lightsaber and Force powers and stealth doesn't really fit into that or this game."

Only some details about Fallen Order's gameplay are known which is more than we had prior to the reveal, but the details that have been shared so far back up what Asmussen said. The creators of the game spoke during the panel about how it emphasized combat and involved exploiting certain enemies' weaknesses while mastering the Jedi's tools. A description of the game also put emphasis on striking, parrying, and dodging.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is scheduled to release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms on November 15th.


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