Star Wars: Republic at War Fan Mod Gets New Trailer

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

Way back in 2015, a group of passionate Star Wars fans announced a new project with the purpose of modding Star Wars: Empire at War for the Clone Wars era. Enter Republic at War, a passion project that has taken nearly two years to complete and is finally set for release on Christmas day. A new trailer recently hit the internet to celebrate the release date announcement, showing off the game's combat and some of the familiar faces that fans will find as they play. Check it out below:

Empire at War was first released back in 2006 as a real-time strategy game from LucasArts and Petroglyph Games. Following the release of Revenge of the Sith, Empire at War was one of the first games to explore the earlier 'Age of the Empire' era, showing off the first inklings of the Rebellion as they take on the Empire at its peak.

Republic at War turns the clock back to just before the fall of the Jedi, when the Republic's Clone Army took on Count Dooku's Seperatist forces, and when Anakin Skywalker was still a hero. The trailer features plenty of cameos, including a moment with Yoda, who always seems to show up when you need him most.

Recognizable prequel-era ships and armor from The Clone Wars cartoon series highlight the five minutes of footage that the trailer provides. The game is packed with options and places to explore, with 70 different planets across two modes -- Skirmish and Galactic Conquest -- to explore, and space combat that might make Battlefront II's Fighter Assault mode quiver a little in its boots. Anyone who wants to join a squadron with friends is in luck, as the game has online multiplayer via Steam. The mod's developers also say that there is are planned expansions in the future to clean up and broaden the game as well.

Republic at War releases on December 25th for PC.