EA Announces Star Wars: Rise to Power

It looks like EA is looking to capitalize on the Game of War fad and introduce its own massively [...]

star wars rise
(Photo: EA)

It looks like EA is looking to capitalize on the Game of War fad and introduce its own massively multiplayer base-building strategy game set in the Star Wars universe. Say hello to Star Wars: Rise to Power.

"In Star Wars: Rise to Power, the war between the Empire and the dawning New Republic continues to rage on – and players influence who will ultimately reign supreme. Every move helps to shape the fate of the galaxy in-game as players choose a faction, establish their base, and begin building a fleet of starships.

"Players will form or join an alliance and engage in epic galactic warfare with other players from around the world in the hopes of emerging victorious. Power is earned by outwitting adversaries in carefully orchestrated attacks and by building a mighty coalition through the loyalty of other players. In Star Wars: Rise to Power, players embrace destiny by engaging in diplomacy or deception to ultimately become a leader of the Empire or New Republic."

We know. The market is getting pretty saturated at this point. Recently we saw the release of Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, which failed to wow us, though it seems to be making plenty of money. A New Empire was actually developed by the same team who made Game of War. Can EA strike gold with Rise to Power? You can find out sooner than later -- they're accepting invitations to play-test the game right now.

If you head on over to the announcement page you'll see the option to sign up for a pre-alpha test. You'll be asked to answer a few questions about your mobile gaming habits and confirm your Google Play address, and if you're eligible, you'll get the chance to download the game and play soon. We signed up, and we'll report back about our experience with the game.