State of Decay 2 Gets Xbox Series X Update, Harder Difficulty

State of Decay 2 was one of many games teased long ago to get next-gen updates on the Xbox Series X and Series S, and as of this week, the game has a new update available to take advantage of those consoles’ powers. It does some of the expected things like reaching for new framerate and resolution heights at the same time while also adding new content specific to State of Decay 2 like a more challenging difficulty level. The update is now available for free for all those who have one of the new consoles and State of Decay 2.

Microsoft and State of Decay 2 developer Undead Labs detailed the contents within the game’s update this week ahead of its release. Along with the improved load times we’ve seen every game benefit from on the Xbox Series X, State of Decay 2 will also now play at 60FPS while targeting a 4K resolution.

For those who want to enjoy the new enhancements but have already gotten their fill of State of Decay 2, a new “Lethal Difficulty” may entice you to get back in and try the game out in a new way. This mode, as the name suggests, is one that’s exceptionally hard with more powerful enemies and other features taken to new levels to make the experience more challenging. For achievement hunters, this new difficulty added more of those as well, so there’s more to do in State of Decay 2 if you’ve already done everything you can do prior to this.

“This difficulty is a brutal new way to play that we’ve tuned right to the edge of impossible,” said Henry Goffin, product director on State of Decay 2. “Open-world resources are scarce, meaning that survival has to be earned instead of discovered. Enemies now hit harder, and blood plague is even deadlier. Plague hearts grow like weeds, and destroying one no longer guarantees safety from the hordes around it. And on top of all of that, the special ‘freak’ zombies have been swapped out for their amped-up blood plague variants.”


Undead Labs is also giving away the “Stay Frosty Pack” for free for a limited time that comes with different items for players to use while trying to survive that Lethal Difficulty.

State of Decay 2’s next-gen update is now available across its respective consoles, and like other Xbox Game Studios games, you can play it via Xbox Game Pass.