Steam Deck Will Get Multiple Successors, According to Valve

Valve has basically confirmed that there will be a Steam Deck 2 at some point, but it doesn't sound like it will stop there. Valve has been working to make the Steam Deck the best device it can possibly be. The device was announced in 2021 and has been one of the most highly demanded gaming products out there since. The Steam Deck is essentially a PC that serves as a portable gaming device with fewer compromises than something like the Nintendo Switch. Its goal is to provide the best gaming experience on the go with solid hardware, great compatibility, and much more. So far, it's working out quite well and Valve is finally starting to be able to meet the demand for the hardware, despite still pulling in record reservations for the device.

With the Steam Deck coming to new regions such as Japan in the near future, Valve has released a little marketing booklet that details what the device is all about and why Steam is a great gaming platform on PC. At the end of the booklet, Valve makes a promise to continue supporting both Steam Deck and SteamOS, noting the former as "a multi-generational product line" and noted that there will be "future versions of the product." Given Valve is sort of non-committal when it comes to its projects (cough cough Half-Life 3) and is willing to abandon things that aren't working or don't meet its standards, this is exciting news. We've seen things like Steam Machine get dropped with ease, so the confirmation that there will be other versions of Steam Deck is great news. Valve also noted that it plans to listen to the community's feedback for future versions. 

"This is a multi-generational product line," says Valve. "Valve will support Steam Deck and SteamOS well into the foreseeable future. We will learn from the Steam community about new uses for our hardware that we haven't thought of yet, and we will build new versions to be even more open and capable than the first version of Steam Deck has been."

Hopefully, this will result in better batter life, more powerful hardware, and other tweaks to make it a more refined experience. It's unclear how often Valve plans to make new Steam Decks, but it sounds like it's already something that's being figured out. With games like Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered already running great on Steam Deck, one can only imagine what future iterations will do.

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[H/T Wario64]