Steam Makes One of the Best Games of All Time $1.99

A new Steam sale has made one of the best games of all time just $1.99, courtesy of a 90 percent discount. In the current economy, $2 doesn't buy you much. It's hardly enough money to buy a candy bar, let alone a video game. Video games are expensive, and it's rare for a notable game to be discounted to pocket change. That said, right now, one of the greatest puzzle platformers ever made, Inside, is available for exactly this.

For those that don't know: Inside was released in 2016, by independent developer Playdead, as a successor to 2010's Limbo. And much like its successor -- which you don't need to play to play Inside as they are not related -- it sold millions of copies and is critically acclaimed. Upon release, it garnered a 93 on Metacritic and as Wikipedia notes, it's widely considered one of the greatest games ever made. On Steam, specifically, it boasts the very rare "Overwhelmingly Positive" rating, the highest rating a game can earn, with its 96 percent approval rating across more than 39,000 reviews. 

"Hunted and alone, a boy finds himself drawn into the center of a dark project," reads an official elevator pitch of the game from developer Playdead and the game's Steam page. "Inside is a dark, narrative-driven platformer combining intense action with challenging puzzles. It has been critically acclaimed for its moody art style, ambient soundtrack, and unsettling atmosphere."

This 90 percent off deal for Inside is only available until the end of March 16. After this period of time, it will revert back to its normal price point, which is $19.99. It regularly goes on sale, but we've never seen it cheaper on Steam or any other platform for that matter. Meanwhile, for those curious, the game does support Mac and because it's not very technically demanding, most PCs, even budget and older ones, should have minimal problems running the minimalist game.  If you're not convinced, even when the barrier to entry is only $2, the game does have a free demo, but this is only going to offer a small slice of what is itself a pretty short game, coming in at three to four hours long.