Valve Shares Great News for Future Steam Deck Buyers

Steam Deck manufacturer Valve has shared some great news for those still looking to buy the PC handheld for themselves. Ever since the Steam Deck first began releasing in the early part of 2022, it has been incredibly hard to come by. Unless you happened to lock in a pre-order as soon as they went live in 2021, chances are that you're still waiting to be able to buy your own Steam Deck. Luckily, Valve has now revealed that it will be able to fulfill these orders at a faster rate than previously anticipated. 

Outline in a new blog on Steam, Valve announced that it has been able to ramp up the production of Steam Deck units. As such, those who currently have orders locked in will be able to purchase and obtain their own Steam Deck platform sooner than anticipated. In short, anyone who has currently reserved a Steam Deck for themselves will be able to get a unit before 2022 comes to a close. 

"We're excited to announce that we're going to be able to fulfill demand sooner than we had estimated for everyone in the reservation queue. Many of the supply chain shortfalls that affect Steam Deck are gradually clearing up, and we're continuing to ramp production, so we're able to produce more Decks faster than ever before," Valve said in the post. "As of today we've updated the reservation windows, and everyone who's currently in the reservation queue will get their Steam Deck email this year. Many customers who were in the 'Q4 or later window' have been bumped up to 'Q3 (July-September)' window. And everyone else is now solidly in the "Q4 (October-December)" window."

Valve went on to stress that those who pre-order a Steam Deck now will even be able to still get a unit before the end of the year as well. However, it was warned that these queues will fill up quickly, which means that shipping dates will get shifted into Q1 of 2023 if you don't act quickly. 

Do you currently have a Steam Deck unit reserved for yourself? And if so, how does this news from Valve make you feel? Let me know either down in the comments or reach out on Twitter at @MooreMan12.