Steam Leak Reveals Redesign Concept

Concepts for Steam’s redesign plans have been shared that showed some internal looks at what [...]

Concepts for Steam's redesign plans have been shared that showed some internal looks at what Valve was (or is) reportedly planning on doing with the game distribution platform.

Steam's redesign has been discussed occasionally throughout the years, but little evidence of what the new layout of the platform will look like has been shared amid the leaks and teases about the redesign. Pavel Djundik, the creator of Steam Database, said he had images from a Valve presentation that took place in January, images that he shared in the tweets below to show off what Valve's apparent plans for the platform at the time. The tweet beneath Djundik's image came from Steam Database nearly two years ago and showed how different the concepts looked from a previous leak.

Djundik shared another image that revealed the image was only half of the presentation's slide that discussed potential changes being made to the Steam Library. In that image, a list of features were shown alongside the image-heavy concept for the Rainbow Six Siege game page and listed features like community screenshots, achievements, and updates as ones players will find in the Steam page. Djundik responded to another Twitter user's question about the images to say the PDF of the presentation's slides was never published, so it's implied he got these images through his own sources.

After seeing the features listed in the image above, the design shown for Rainbow Six Siege's game page makes a bit more sense. Screenshots from the game are shown alongside some statistics and options for people to either play or watch the game along with options to modify settings, and one tile was dedicated to an update for the game that went over the latest changes to be made.

A Steam redesign for the platform is supposedly still in the works, though there's no known release date for such an overhaul or any way of telling what features have been developed, scrapped, or already added.

[via PC Gamer]