Steam's Latest Top Seller Is Already Controversial With Fans

The latest game to appear in the number one position of the Steam Top Sellers chart is already proving to be quite controversial with longtime fans. In all likelihood, Steam's best-selling game for the foreseeable future will be that of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 once it arrives at the end of this week. Prior to then, though, a new strategy title has shot to the top spot. 

At the time of this writing, Paradox Interactive's Victoria 3 has become the top-selling game on Steam. As a sequel to 2010's Victoria 2, strategy fans have been waiting for this new installment to come about for a prolonged period of years. And while it has clearly found a pretty large audience given the high sales that it's seen in only one day on the market, it seems that numerous fans aren't feeling too hot about the game. 

Based on nearly 3,000 user reviews on Steam, Victoria 3 currently boasts a "Mixed" rating. While some fans are finding that the game scratches the same itch that the previous installment did, others are claiming that Victoria 3 is more shallow compared to its predecessor. Still, even those who are finding faults with the game are admitting that it could improve with future updates. 

While Victoria 3 definitely has the potential to get better over time, this is also one of the things that many players have expressed concern about. In short, Paradox is a company that is known to release countless expansions and DLC many years after the launch of its titles. And while this helps keep games relevant for longer periods of time, it also means that players have to fork over even more money. As such, some fans are stating that they don't want to have to pay more money to get a better version of Victoria 3 via future content when the baseline edition should already be stronger than it is. 

Again, it remains to be seen what happens with Victoria 3 in the long run. For the moment, though, those at Paradox have to be happy that the game is at least getting off to a hot start on Steam. 

Have you played Victoria 3 for yourself yet? And if so, do you think the game is worthy of doing so well on Steam so far? Be sure to let me know either down in the comments or message me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.