Steam Is Down With Several Services Not Working

Valve's Steam platform appears to be experiencing an outage at the moment that's limiting what services are available to users who try to access them. Reports of the server issues and other problems began flooding social media on Thursday as problems with the store, game services, and other areas of Steam were reported. There doesn't appear to have been any official communication from Valve on the matter yet, so it's unclear how long the issues may persist.

Simply try and head to the Steam Store and you'll find your first example of a service not working. The site's normal layout has been replaced with a notification that says "the site is currently unavailable" while asking people to try again later to access it.

SteamStatus, the unofficial community project that tracks whether or not Steam is up and running, has been providing updates as problems persisted throughout Thursday. Steam Communities and game services as well as the store were among the areas of Steam that are experiencing problems, according to the tracker.

The PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds support account on Twitter also acknowledged the problem and said that people playing on the PC version may experience some issues until the outages are resolved.


The Steam support site itself also appears to be down which means we'll have to rely on trackers and user reports to see how Steam is doing unless the features are suddenly restored or Valve comments out the outages. We'll provide updates when possible as the issues are fixed.