Sucker for Love: First Date Lets You Basically Romance Cthulhu

Sucker for Love: First Date, a Lovecraftian dating simulator from publisher DreadXP and indie developer Akabaka, will officially release for PC via Steam and in December 2021. The game's trailer makes it clear that it's a wild mix of horror, anime, and old-school dating sims where players can date three different "goddesses" with terrifying roots.

Sucker for Love: First Date is notably based on a micro-game that Akabaka initially developed in 10 days for the horror anthology Dread X Collection 2 from DreadXP. The title is the first in a three-part Sucker for Love series with "unique protagonists and twists." You can check out the trailer for Sucker for Love: First Date for yourself below:

Sucker for Love: First Date specifically features Ln'eta, described an entity like Cthulhu that's both affectionate and jealous; Estir, a take on Hastur that loves yellow and fine things; and Nyanlathotep, a very tall and imposing woman that enraptures those around her.

"Following the amazing reception to the original Sucker for Love concept featured in Dread X Collection 2, we knew we had something special on our hands," said Patrick Ewald, owner and producer at DreadXP, as part of the announcement today. "We're delighted to work with developer Joseph Hunter of Akabaka on expanding Sucker for Love into a series of fun and bizarre games."

"It's amazing what Akabaka accomplished in just ten days with the original version of Sucker for Love," said Ted Hentschke, Head of Production at DreadXP, as part of the same announcement. "With additional time and DreadXP's resources at his disposal, fans of visual novels and dating sims are in for a treat when the full game hits digital stores."


As noted above, Sucker for Love: First Date is set to release for PC via Steam and in December 2021. No definitive release date has been announced as of yet. According to the developer, this is just the first in a series of games in the franchise. You can check out all of our previous coverage of PC gaming right here.

What do you think about the full trailer for Sucker for Love: First Date? Are you looking forward to playing it when it releases in December? Let us know in the comments, or feel free to reach out and hit me up directly over on Twitter at @rollinbishop to talk about all things gaming!