Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Report Shares Promising New Details

Rocksteady Studios' upcoming game Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has received some promising new information via a recent report. Over the past couple of weeks, Suicide Squad has been getting pretty much nothing but bad news. Not only did the game's recent presentation at PlayStation's State of Play event lead to complaints and concerns from fans, but WB Games is also reportedly planning to delay the project (potentially into 2024) soon enough. Despite all of this, though, it sounds like those who have already played Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League for themselves are finding it to be quite enjoyable. 

During a recent discussion on the latest episode of the VGC Podcast, host Andy Robinson shared that he has heard about some positive buzz from Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League based on internal playtesting. Robinson said that compared to Gotham Knights, which is the latest DC project that WB Games released last year, the response to Suicide Squad has been optimistic from those that have been working on it. 

"It's interesting, because some of the people I've spoken to who are working on that game actually have a lot of positive things to say about it, especially compared to Gotham Knights," said Robinson on Suicide Squad. "I've been told that this is not another Gotham Knights, that everyone who's working on it is actually quite optimistic about the combat loops they've made and the game world and things like that."

This new information tied to Suicide Squad should potentially give fans hope, especially in light of the game's recent presentation. To know that those within Rocksteady and WB are viewing Kill the Justice League more optimistically when compared to Gotham Knights (which received a lukewarm response from fans) is something that should encourage many. Still, it's hard to know if this internal positivity will be shared by fans once Suicide Squad arrives. 

Currently, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is still planned to be releasing on May 26, 2023, although this could be changing quite soon. Whenever the upcoming DC video game does launch, though, it will be available across PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC